ColourGuard: The Natural Grass Colourant

The 100% organic grass colourant, that will improve your lawn’s appearance at any time of the year!

Have the family coming over for Christmas, but the lawn is looking a little lack-lustre?

Just ColourGuard it!


What is ColourGuard?

Lawn Solutions Australia’s ‘ColourGuard’ is a non-toxic, 100% organic grass colourant, allowing you to improve your lawn’s appearance at any time of the year!

NOT just a lawn ‘paint’, ColourGuard is an organic pigment that is naturally absorbed by the grass leaf blade.

Easy to apply, Colourguard can give your lawn up to 3 months of natural green colour!

The best part?

Not only does ColourGuard instantly restore that natural colour of your grass, it also protects it AND increases its health!


When would I use ColourGuard?

  • Family coming over for Christmas
  • Friends coming over for a BBQ
  • If hosting a wedding or other event
  • Before going away for the Christmas break
  • Prior to drought/water restriction periods
  • If trying to sell your home (a beautiful lawn can increase the value of property by up to 10%)
  • Or for the real lawn lover… all year round!

Say goodbye to brown lawn in Winter, and dry-looking lawns in Summer!


The Many Benefits of ColourGuard

1) Instant Colour
Instantly restores the natural green colour of your lawn, year-round.

2) Less Watering & Fertilising
Drastically reduces the need to water and fertilise your lawn in periods of drought, helping you save water.

3) Longevity
Stays green for up to 3 months per application, even during droughts / water restriction periods.

4) UV Protection
Not only is ColourGuard UV fade resistant, it PROTECTS your lawn during the Summer months. Like a sunscreen for your lawn, Colourguard screens out harmful UV rays – but still allowing filtered light to hit the leaf blade.

5) No Mess
Won’t wash off, run, stain or bleed once absorbed into the grass.

6) Safety
Being 100% eco-friendly and non-toxic (no harmful chemicals), ColourGuard is completely safe for the environment, pets and people.

7) Durability
Works in extreme heat, cold and frosty climates, AND works on ALL grass types.

8) Easy to Apply


Apply ColourGuard in 4 Easy Steps!

Shake bottle well before use! 

  1. Attach your hose to the 2-litre ready to use bottle, or mix the concentrate with water in a pressure sprayer.
  2. Keep bottle upright during application. Spray evenly across your lawn, working methodically from one side to another.
  3. When spraying near hard surfaces like paths and driveways, stand on the surface and spray the ColourGuard away from the surface onto your lawn. If you do accidentally spray on surfaces, simply wash the colourant off immediately with hosed water.
  4. Leave your lawn to dry for at least 2 hours after (if in full sunlight), or longer if it is shady. Easy!


Take these precautions!

  • Do NOT apply to wet or dew affected turf
  • Avoid footpaths, driveways and other hard surfaces
  • Allow up to 24 hours for desired result to develop
  • Allow adequate time for lawn to dry before walking on or applying water
  • It’s advisable to water well 3 to 4 days after application to wash off any excess

What You ‘Need to Know’

After you have applied ColourGuard, be sure to allow at least 2 hours of direct sunlight for the pigment to absorb. If your lawn is in a shaded area you may need slightly longer.

ColourGuard is a permanent colourant, so it will only disappear as your lawn grows.

Once your ColourGuard has dried, it will not run or fade after rain. It’s locked into the leaf blade until it grows out!

With ColourGuard, it’s as easy as that! Apply, and enjoy your beautiful lush looking, green lawn!

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