Our Environmental Management Policy

Our company's environmental policy

Manoeuvre Mow Pty Ltd operates a Sportfield Construction and Renovation business including an 18ha Turf Farm (Cobbitty Lawn Turf) on the outskirts of Sydney, we see the environment as a core value.

We are committed to proactively managing our interaction with the environment by establishing standards of environmental excellence.

Our company’s environmental policy is to:

  • Incorporate environmental responsibilities and accountabilities into every aspect of our operations.
  • Ensure all staff and contractors are aware of this Policy.
  • Establish and maintain an environmental managements system designed to meet or go beyond regulatory requirements. We will also encourage our contractors and suppliers to achieve our standards.
  • Maintain monitoring and reporting systems to audit and report on our environmental performance by promoting continual improvement to achieve our environmental objectives and targets.
  • Communicate with interested parties on our environmental performance.
  • Provide our staff with environmental educational and training programs to ensure their commitment to environmental responsibility.
  • Identify opportunities to prevent pollution, minimise waste, save energy and conserve natural resources.
  • Annually review this Policy.

Manoeuvre Mow’s senior management and all staff are responsible for ensuring this Policy is implemented.

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I would like to thank Cobbitty Turf for your outstanding customer care and customer service.

Cobbitty Turf provided timely and helpful advice regarding not only inquiries I had in relation to the purchase of turf, but also provided me with details in relation to landscaping solutions.

Cobbitty Turf staff have been extremely attentive and have listened to all my concerns with a great deal of patience.

I would especially like to commend Danni for her professionalism.

Brad and Jude (Elizabeth Hills, NSW)

Excellent service and willing to go the extra mile. We ran short on 1 job and they delivered the extra grass I needed in no time. Fantastic grass and totally hassle free.

Pat (Oran Park, NSW)

Great product and even better customer service, could not recommend Cobbitty Lawn Turf enough with their excellent wealth of knowledge.

Jeff (Spring Farm, NSW)

I would like to thank Geoff and Danni at Cobbitty Turf for all of their help and expertise when it comes to providing the best service and knowledge for myself and my customers. They are a great asset for the local community and surrounding areas.

Scott (Collis Landscaping, NSW)

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